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 Welcome to the home of the Aldrich Farm online website. 

What was once a network for the horses I raised and sold is now a place to view the horses and animals on the farm I own and love. They are an inspiration for the artwork I continue to create.

On this website you will find images of those animals and examples of my artwork for now. I will updating and expanding it in the future to come.

In the works is a new on the farm art studio. So I can branch out and get even more creative. 


Adding more updates to the website 


Aldrich Farm: home of Tiffany Aldrich Artworks

Aldrich Farm is my home for my creative side it brings out the artist in me. It is also home to those that inspire me, all the wonderful farm animals. I want to share all that I create from the many inspirations around me. For all those that support my many endeavors. 

Thank You  Tiffany Aldrich 

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